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Best Boarding Schools in Kentucky


Restore Troubled Teens: Adolescent from Kentucky troubled searching for direction from treatment centerRestore Troubled Teens (RTT) is a leading family advocacy organization assisting the parents of troubled teens from Kentucky find the best Therapeutic Boarding Schools and treatment facilities for their adolescent’s particular needs. With access to the nation’s best treatment programs, the experienced team of family advocates at RTT are committed to helping teens struggling with substance abuse/ addiction, mental health issues, behavioral problems, academic failure, or any other problematic condition get started on the road to recovery.

Although the best Boarding School may be located outside of Kentucky, these Boarding Schools accept teens from all over the nation. The experts at RTT strongly recommend that parents place their struggling adolescent in a boarding school outside of their current unhealthy environment filled with negative influences to allow them to focus entirely on their treatment.


Why Choose a Therapeutic Boarding School?

Therapeutic Boarding Schools combine schoolwork with a variety of therapeutic interventions to allow troubled teens the ability to continue their academic career, while also focusing on their emotional issues. Within a safe, structured, and comfortable environment that is conducive to healing, struggling teens are able to identify and work through the root cause of their problems, while also developing the skills necessary for a successful, long lasting recovery. Throughout this process, they can stay on top of their school work to ensure they do not get further behind while working to restore their emotional health.

The experienced consultants at Restore Troubled Teens are available to provide confidential guidance and assistance to the parents of troubled adolescents in Kentucky. Call (866) 452-6321 today for help!


Co-Ed Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

At Restore Troubled Teens, we are committed to helping parents of troubled teens from Kentucky find the best Boarding School for their child to facilitate a successful and lifelong recovery. Whether a teen is struggling with mental health, substance abuse, or behavioral issues, many parents have the same initial question. Is a co-ed or single-sex Boarding School best? While the answer to this problem is largely based on the individual situation, there are advantages to both.

One of the biggest advantages associated with a co-ed environment is the ability for a struggling adolescent to develop appropriate social skills. This includes learning how to work together productively and communicate effectively, which are skills they will need for the rest of their life. Also, the two sexes are inspired by and learn from each other.


Restore Troubled Teens: Adolescents undergoing rehabilitation at recovering therapeutic school for struggling youth

Advantages of a Single-Sex Boarding School

There are also advantages to attending a same sex boarding school. For example, several studies have found that girls, in particular, flourish in a same-sex setting because the environment tends to be more constructive, and there is none of the disruptive behavior that is so common among teen boys. Additionally, adolescent girls who are struggling with low self-esteem may benefit from being away from boys who have the tendency to make them feel more self-conscious.

Whether a teen is placed in a co-ed or single sex Boarding School, he or she will develop the skills necessary to maintain their mental health and sobriety. At Restore Troubled Teens, we only suggest the nation’s leading boarding schools, so parents can be sure their troubled teen from Kentucky is getting the treatment and therapy they need to succeed.


Kentucky Boarding Schools for Troubled Youth

When initiating your research for Troubled Teen Boarding Schools, we recommend that you keep a very open mind until you've completed your research. Moreover, be willing to invest a lot of time to conduct an in-depth research of many different schools. It is also important to contact parent references. Meaning, we recommend that you speak with families that have first-hand experience of the school you are researching. There is nothing more valid than direct information offered by a parent from Kentucky who's child has completed the program and graduated from the school.

Our suggestion is that you do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions about anything and everything. There are no dumb questions, and the more you know, the better choice you will make. Before you start, make a comprehensive list of everything you want to know about Boarding Schools, and do not forget the little details; that is, what do students wear, what do they eat every day, and what do they do for relaxation, how do you handle disciplinary issues, etc; be creative in your questions and leave no stone unturned.

One of the best solutions for parents of struggling adolescents from Kentucky is a specialty Boarding School. This powerful Restore Troubled Teens: Adolescents undergoing rehabilitation at therapeutic school for struggling youthanswer is affordable and available. The key to utilizing the Therapeutic Boarding School as an option is to match the teen's behavioral and emotional issues (problems) to the right boarding school. The parents job is to find a school that is specifically designed to deal with their child's particular problems. This is not an easy task, and we recommend that parents allow us to help them find the perfect school.

These therapeutic programs exist to treat very specific issues regarding the mental and emotional condition of a troubled child. When you are the parent of a struggling adolescent from Kentucky, you know exactly what we are talking about. When your precious boy or girl is spiraling out of control, making poor personal choices, hanging out with a bad group of kids, staying out all night, drinking and drugging every night, skipping classes, or dropping out of school there are few choices. Parents of struggling teens are scared, paralyzed, and feel like they are running out of options. But there are answers and solutions.

The experienced consultants at Restore Troubled Teens are available to provide confidential guidance and assistance to the parents of troubled teens from Kentucky. Call (866) 452-6321 today for help!


National Resources for Parents and Teens

NATSAP For Parents - The information you find on the NATSAP website will guide parents in obtaining help for teens in need of intervention. Coordinating the needs of your child to the appropriate services of a treatment facility is one of the most crucial decisions you will make on behalf of your child. Provided is a list of articles to assist you in this challenging time, and questions to ask before making a final placement choice. NATSAP is not a referral or placing agency. We are a volunteer membership association supporting both specialists and parents in their efforts to support troubled young people.


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